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titus & levi

My sweet boys. Titus + Levi. Joined our family forever in 2013. These sweet brothers changed our lives. Their story wrecked me. Deeply. Changing so much of my life. Changing my heart. Changing my parenting. They both made me better... and ruined me in ways I had no idea I needed to be ruined. They stole my heart on the day that this picture was taken... and started a journey I would do over and over again, but am so grateful I do not have to do.

They taught me:
... GRACE.
... MERCY.
... HOPE.

We began our journey towards becoming a family of 6 in 2011. That moment Todd said, "I think we should adopt", I jumped at getting started. We were matched with these little guys in May 2012. Flying to Kinshasa, DRC was so surreal. I was scared, nervous, and excited. The trip in January of 2013 proved to be such a difficult trip. I began to be completely ridden with fear. Not understanding the significance of their trauma that they had experienced and the journey we would be on to bring healing and hope into their lives and into my own life. 

While their journey is sacred, our hearts are to be as transparent in adoption as we possibly can. I journal about our adoption and our struggles through this blog from time to time. 

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