Welcome to Joyfully Ruined, where your story matters & authentic living is beautifully embraced. I'm Summer and this is my little corner of the world where I get to openly share my soul & heart. Where my hope is that you come, feel encouraged, seen and not alone. My hearts desire is that I am able to create an honest, authentic and intentional space where life can be played out in amazing ways... because life is a beautiful mess and we are created to do it together.

Joyfully Ruined has drastically changed over the years because I have been searching and changing. Change is such a beautifully precious thing, but it allows me to see my own fears and failures. Allowing me to hide from myself and others because struggling with not being enough is always on the forefront of my mind. Elizabeth Elliot said, "Don't dig up in doubt what you planted in faith." So this little corner is what I have planted in faith.  Something that I could give purpose towards. While this small place is still a place to share, the purpose has changed, the heart of my writing has changed. I deeply believe in the power of community, of relationships, of doing life alongside one another. Encouraging one another in beautiful ways that draw us closer. Where everyone's story matters & living authentically builds beautiful relationships.

God has completely ruined me. Destroyed me. Wrecked me. Causing those pieces to fall into who He has called me to be. Something new. Someone new. Something enough. I deeply try to walk these moments of ruin with as much joy as I can muster up... because God is enough.

I AM...
+ a Christ Follower
+ a wife to Todd
+ a mom to 5 amazing kiddos
+ passionate about adoption & orphan prevention
+ a gym junkie
+ an avid reader
+ a vegan
+ a little bit crazy
+ an encourager
+ joyfully ruined

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