WEEKLY CHALLENGE: Grab a journal

Monday, October 2, 2017

WEEKLY CHALLENGE: Journal through your hurts. Journal your honest feelings in a way that allows you to release them to Jesus. Write what God puts on your heart.

Grab a journal and lets write together. 

As we begin to look at how change can bring about hurt and healing, lets commit to writing through those moments in order to release them to Jesus. We have all experienced hurts throughout our lives, but God wants to take ahold of them and heal them in beautiful ways. It is important to process through all things we deal with, acknowledging the hurts and be thankful for the healing. Maybe the healing has not come yet, but working through the hurt will get you closer to understanding the why and moving past the struggles. Name the hurts. Identify the struggles. Do not allow the things that God is doing in you to be jaded by what satan is trying to distract you with in your life. We can walk through the changes that hurt and see Jesus beautifully in them... what he is doing through them.

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