Intentional Challenge: Adding Prayers

Monday, September 4, 2017

WEEK 2: Adding Prayers

Last week in WEEK 1: 5 MINUTES + JESUS I asked you to join me in simply spending 5 minutes with Jesus each morning, specifically pouring into your children if you have them before they head off to school, but it could just be 5 minutes with Jesus by yourself. As I spend the mornings sharing Jesus with my crew before we started our day, I continued to have that deep longing for just a little bit more of Jesus in the morning.

This week my challenge for you is Adding Prayers. After your 5 minutes of intentionally being with Jesus, pray specifically for the day. We always have our children pray before dinner and it has become such a beautiful time to hear their hearts and desires. It truly becomes clear as to what they desire in their lives and for the life of our family. So in the mornings, or when you intentionally set time aside for Jesus time, add some specific prayers. Our family has been praying diligently for a job for Todd and peace (happiness & joy) for our family as we walk through this time of transition.

Can you add just one more thing to your mornings? I promise you it will show you the heart that you have for the day that God has set before you and if you have children, it will show you their heart and thoughts for their day as well. We need to have that connection with our children and know and understand who they are and the heart that they have for the world.

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