Watching Planes.

Friday, May 19, 2017

Each night, from the window of my hotel room, I watch planes.

Planes coming in from the south.
Planes taking off into the north.

For the past 4+ weeks I have dreamt that the incoming planes were coming to pick me up to take me home, that the departing planes were the ones carrying me off to the comfort of my own home, with my precious people.

Tonight, I watch those planes come in and depart.
The same as the last 30 nights.
As if they do not realize that I continue to watch them through the windows of my room.
Tonight is different.
Tonight those planes took my sanity.
Tonight one of those flights took my person.

They leave without me on it once again.
They do not even realize that I am longing to be on them.
Heading home.
Completing my family.

They do not realize what is waiting for me on the other side of the world. At some point this entire journey will make sense. It will draw to a close, I will have learned lessons far greater then I could have ever imagined or thought possible. I will have experienced a different life that will change me deeply. Drawing me closer to my Jesus. Showing me once again that God fights for me. That I simply need utter dependence of my Savior in one of the most unreal way.

Those planes will continue to come and go.
One day.
Hopefully very soon.
I will be on that plane to begin my journey home.
I will never be the same.
I will be forever different.

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