Sunday, March 12, 2017

During the #write31day challenge in November I was reminded why I love to put words down in "paper", journalling through the many thoughts that seem to ramble and slosh around in my brain. It is an outlet.

An outlet I seem to stifle.
An outlet in which I allow fear to reign freely.
An outlet to that which makes me happy.

Lets be honest. We all can use a little bit more happy. Well, I can always use a little bit more happy. So I am making plans. Plans that allow my outlet to be just that... my outlet. My honest place. My sacred place. My healing place. BECAUSE things are about to change.

God is moving in our hearts and our lives in ginormous ways. He is shifting in our hearts a passion that he has been growing in our souls for 3 years. God is driving us towards taking a giant leap off the side of a cliff.

This quote by Caroline Myss was posted on Jennie Allen's FB page in August of this past year. It immediately drew me in, caught my attention, caused me to examine the idea of what scares me the most and what is God calling me/us towards. She posted a this with this image, "Usually, the choice that scares me the most is also the choice that God is pointing me to. And he’s NEVER failed me. Haha! Sorry to be the person pushing you off a cliff today--but I promise it is worth it! What is your cliff?" -Jennie Allen

Well, we have been pushed off a cliff. Willingly walking off the cliff. Hopeful in our adventure.


We cannot even begin to express our excitement as we have take the first steps in moving from our home here in Idaho to our new place in Minnesota (the Minneapolis area). We would love for you to partner with us in our adventures. We would love to have you stay connected with us and us stay connected with you. If you would like to be apart of our adventure as we seek to move closer to our launch date as a way to stay connected to what we are doing/ in need of, email me: summerroughton@gmail.com

We cannot wait to see what God has in store for our family. Please pray as we step forward in this amazing adventure that God has called us toward.

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