Inward Reflection

Saturday, October 15, 2016


The INTENTIONAL CHALLENGE this week is really this inward reflection with the intention of recognizing how to be outwardly pursuing others. Potentially our inward reflection allows us to know ourself in an unrecognized way.

Saturday's Challenge: Saturday: 5 things that are a blessing and a joy in my life. 5 that I wish were different in my life. 5 things that I love about the current spiritual season that I am in.

I chose to do what was blessing in my day, specifically paying attention to those that I surrounded myself with or the experiences that I had throughout my day. Here were my 5 blessings & lessons I learned from those blessings.

1. Levi Danny. This sweet boy is seriously hilarious.  Muscle flexing and silly faces. He reminded me that I needed to view his silly as a blessing. Without him, I would not laugh nearly as much if not for him. Learning that in order to bless this little man back, I need to know how to bless him in return. Knowing what he needs, what he loves, and the languages in which his heart speaks. I need to know and understand all the languages of all the hearts that are around me.

2. Leaf raking. My crew raked leaves today. Lots of leaves. Lots of work. Lots of laughter. Lots of service. Ty puts his head down and works. L is a work horse. Ash loves to rake leaves. J just wants to connect in all situations. Blessing my heart and soul with their actions, our entire family raked the leaves, cleaned up the garden, laughed and had fun. Reminding me that just doing stuff with this crew that God blessed me with is precious and memory making. 

3. Early morning reading. Sitting alone this morning, reading my bible, praying and seeking Jesus. Completely unexpected. Completely blessing. Remembering that I need this quiet of the morning before anyone gets up in order to fill up my heart & soul for the day.

4. Todd. We have a funny relationship. Two-thirds of the time we are joking around (generally being silly) and one-third of the time we are having serious conversations. This morning, I was cycling (his passion) remembering thinking through that there is no one on earth I would want to do life with, as crazy as our journey has been from the VERY beginning, other then him. Being at church as he did worship practice, it confirmed my thoughts. I am blessed and lucky to have him to do day to day life with and even the crazy stuff that God will bring into our lives.

5. Ashlynn's desire to serve. Today she made dinner and dessert. HUGE BLESSING. She made fettuccini alfredo from scratch and then frozen hot chocolate for dessert. Obviously it was a blessing... I did not have to cook. Remembering th
at each of my children have gifts that I need to help them grow, that was an even bigger blessing.

How does inward reflection help you understand how to best love those that are around you?
How have you been doing in the intentional challenge?
Have you been able to journal, write, and learn?

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