Intentional Challenge: WEEK TWO

Monday, October 10, 2016

Yesterday I posted the ART OF JOURNALING (read first before you start the challenge). I mentioned that it was in preparation for this weeks Intentional Challenge. There is such beauty in writing in a journal. It exudes freedom and is extremely liberating. Journaling can bring healing, happiness, joy, hope, and self expression. It is one of them most amazing ways that I am able to process through life as I know it. I proudly keep a journal. A very Free Spirited journal I might add. I have learned to let go of my expectations of what my journal should look like and simply embrace the art of journaling as a whole.

This brings me to the challenge.
Grab a journal.
Use your already existing journal.
Start to write.

Each day I want to encourage you in writing towards understanding who you are as an imperfectly, perfect version of yourself. Here are my prompts for you as you write this week (but feel free to change them and create your own as you explore who you are in light of being intentional & authentic to yourself). Often we lose sight of who we are and who God wants us to be. If we do not understand these things, how are we actively going to be able to build relationships, bridge gaps of judgment and misunderstandings, or form a community if we cannot accurately articulate who we are are as a person.

Weekly Challenge Prompts
Monday: Write a manifesto. Answer the questions: who am I? What do I stand for? What do I believe?
Tuesday: What do I wish people knew about me? What do I wish I could share with others about my passions and fears? How do I need people to come alongside of me in those areas of my life? (Now that you have identified this... who are those people that you are thinking of while you are writing these thoughts down? Are there people in your life that you want to have an open honest conversation about that you just want to be their friend? Pursue them. Are you lacking friends? How can you find them so that you can have a have a person to divulge all these wishes to?)
Wednesday: What was the biggest blessing I experienced today? Was it unexpected? How did it make me feel? How can I bless someone else with the same blessing? (Then go out and do it).
Thursday: First... clear your mind. Find something to mediate on. A verse. A saying. A thought. Then with all freedom and abandon... write. Write whatever comes to mind.
Friday: What do I need to forgive about myself? I will be objective as I write. (Do you need to let go of trying to be something that you are not? Do you need to forgive yourself for something that you have done to hurt yourself? Do you have self doubt that you need to work through and forgive yourself of?)
Saturday: 5 things that are a blessing and a joy in my life. 5 that I wish were different in my life. 5 things that I love about the current spiritual season that I am in.
Sunday: I am fiercely loved by ________ . Why? How do they show me that they love me?

Will you join me for this intentional challenge?
Are you willing to explore deeper into who you are as a beautifully imperfect version of yourself?
Do you know that you are amazing?

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