Monday, October 17, 2016

Last weeks challenge was so encouraging to me. I truly walked away blessed in my journaling and writing with the intention of knowing who I am better, seeing what affects/ encourages me deeply and just allowing myself to write for the sake of myself, without worry. I don't know about you, but I sometimes forget that I have to care for myself in order to best care and serve those that are around me. 

This weeks intentional challenge is less inwardly reflective and more outwardly challenging. More of an actively living challenge. Let call it the DO SOMETHING DIFFERENT intentional challenge. This writing challenge is that for me. It is my do something different challenge... not just plan something, but actually execute something. As you walk through each day of your week, I want to encourage you to DO SOMETHING DIFFERENT on purpose. You never know what you may discover about yourself.

Today I am starting a lifting/ workout challenge (6 week routine). I suppose it isn't really a challenge, just something that I have never done before, that I have wanted to get started... this week is a great week to get that routine going.

Processing through doing stuff that is different can be hard at times because we allow fear to take over. My encouragement to you is that you are able to push past the fear and fight towards doing something different. Get out in the community that is around you and do something different. Trying a new recipe is something different. Changing things up is fun... I cannot wait to see what you will do different this week.

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What are you going to do different this week?

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