Monday, October 3, 2016

I can share all I want about being intentionally authentic, but unless we put our intentions to practice we will likely not make a habit out of what we are called to do. Monday is a great place to start. A place that is new. The beginning of something. A starting place. The INTENTIONAL CHALLENGE will begin each Monday. I hope that you join me in making your week specifically intentional, watching for moments to show intentional authenticity to those that are around you. 


What a precious gift we have in those that are around us. Those who encourage us. Support us. Love us. Drive us crazy. We have our co-workers, our friends, our spouse, our children. They are vying for our attention. Our support. Our love. I don't know about you, but often I get so caught up in "my stuff" that I lose sight of living with intentional relationships in mind. Even for those with my family. Especially those relationships in my family. Maybe even those families that live far from you. This week, find time be intentional with those that come into your life, show them your heart, soul and love. Show them Jesus by how you love them... through connection and intention.

Here are some ideas to help you along:

1. For Your Spouse:
     + Tell them that you are praying for them and what you are praying for.
     + Figure out their love language and do something with it.
     + Go on a date. Even if it is a date you have in your living room after kiddos go to bed.
     + Do something that they LOVE and you don't love that much.
     + Write sweet notes.
     + Greet them as if they were missed deeply when they come home.
     + Be present

2. For Your Kids
     + Have a "YES DAY" where you say yes to everything (we cap this at no money spent).
     + Play a game with them.
     + Put down your phone.
     + Give them a proper goodbye when they leave for school.
     + Write them notes/ start a journal.
     + Speak words of affirmation over them.
     + Connection Time: Do what they want to do... with no distractions.
     + Create something together.

3. For Your Friends
     + Encourage them with a note/ phone call.
     + Plan a friend time date. Coffee or a movie or lunch.
     + Do something practical for them. Something they may not ask, but you know they need.
     + Maybe you need to fix a relationship. Heal hurts. Ask for forgiveness. Extend forgiveness.
     + Show up & LISTEN.

There is nothing more beautifully authentic then real relationships that radiate connection. Take a moment to breathe life back into your relationships this week. Simply connection will do wonders for the relationships that you currently have just waiting to have life breathed back into them.

Share your connections in Intentionally Investing. Share & tag me on IG (@summerroughton)... use the hashtag #beintentionalchallenge or come back here and post something in the comments. I would love to see how you are being intentionally authentic in your relationships this week. Follow along with me as I challenge myself to the same thing.


  1. I love this! These are great suggestions, and I know I have been really wanting to start sending snail mail to encourage people again but it keeps getting bumped down my list! You are making me see it needs to be higher in my priorities!!

    1. Simple ways are always the best... for me it is. Easier to be more intentional with.

  2. Summer this is great! The past couple of weeks I've felt the word Authenticity pressing into my heart but I haven't been able to figure out why or how to address this. I appreciate your words and am looking forward to being more authentic with those around me!

    1. I am doing this writing challenge with a group called Write 31 Days. My whole topic for the month of October is about intentionally being authentic. I started on the 1st of October... you should go back and read some of the stuff. Today I posted the challenge of internally looking inward and being authentic with yourself so that you can in turn be authentic with those that are around you. It was a journal challenge. I am super excited about it.


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