Monday, October 24, 2016

The intentional challenge is something that encourages you to do something that you normally wouldn't do or discover something about yourself that you needed to find. It's a fun way to engage in daily life... some of the challenges are things people are going to see and some of them are just for yourself. Challenging yourself to do something different or grow in some small way will allow you to see yourself in a perfectly, imperfect way... embracing that thought fully.


Make time for yourself EACH DAY!!!! Be intentional about what you chose to do for yourself because it has a purpose and is needed for refreshment and to fill yourself back up so that you have enough to pour back out on those that need you.

Becoming intentional with those that are around you seems natural and needed. I truly believe that investing in those that are around us is one of the greatest ways that we can spend our time. One thing that I know I forget it to also take time to invest in myself because I am so concerned with meeting the needs of those that are in my circle of influence.

My 7 year old asked me while we were at Target a few weeks ago why I never buy anything for myself. It spun a series of questions running through my head.

Why don't I get stuff for myself?
What am I teaching him if he doesn't see me investing in myself?
How can I invest better in myself in order to know and understand my worth and value?
What does Jesus want me to do about investing in myself?

This is the path of the intentional challenge this week... go do something for yourself.

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