Authenticity Defined

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Real. Genuine. Veritable. Original. True. Each has one thing in common, a single word. The word authentic. They intrinsically share a sense of actuality and a lack of anything of false pretense. As I process through the idea of authenticity I am struck with a thought, "why am I not like this all them time?" Why am I not always authentic in my approach to relationships? Why do I shy away from what I am passionate about and who I am? Why do I get fearful of being who I truly and and who I truly am meant to be? 

This is the opposite of what we am called towards. We are called towards authentic living. Not hiding behind false pretenses, but rather towards sharing a sense of actuality.

What is something that you can do in order to live more authentically? How does a mindset of authenticity change your perspectives on relationships? How can you be more authentic in you pursuit of Christ?

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