Beautiful Mess

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

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I have used the hashtag #beautifulmess more times then I can count regarding my life for the last 3 years, 8 months, and 13 days. That is the exact amount of time it has been since I met my sons in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Their adoptions radically changed the structure and makeup of our lives- it created a beautiful mess. I will never stop referring to my life as a beautiful mess.

My Life as a Beautiful Mess
+ flaws & imperfections
+ repeated forgiveness
+ broken & shattered pieces
+ dents & scratches
+ crashing failures
+ gentle stumbles
+ unavoidable disasters
+ untamable moments
+ struggling stages
+ demanding days
+ unfixable mistakes
+ floods of tears
+ fears that creep up
+ memories to never be forgotten
+ lessons on grace & mercy
A Beautiful Mess... Perfectly Imperfect.

I share this idea of life being a beautiful mess for one reason, my reality is often messy and I am assuming that yours is as well. We battle obstacles that are hard, overwhelming, challenging, fun, and sometimes we feel lonely as we do it or maybe we feel simply different as we process it. All of those things are okay. That feeling of being different. It is what makes you who you are and I promise you that you are not alone. I am standing there with you. Our honesty is what should drive us towards sharing our uniqueness. Mother Teresa said, "Honesty and transparency make you vulnerable. Be honest and transparent anyway."

A few questions to ponder about this idea of life being a beautiful mess and each of us being perfectly imperfect. Why are we hiding the unique ways that we are created, the individualized ways we think, or how even how we embrace life? You are fearfully and wonderfully made. Take comfort in that. You are perfect just the way God made you. It is amazing when we think that the way that we are made was intentional, therefore we do not need to fit into a box. How can we be so kind and gracious to those around us, embracing their uniqueness, flaws and struggles, but not doing so with our own unique ways?  We must be kind to ourselves. I do not know how to express that more simply, but I think that we (hands raised high on this one) tend to beat ourselves up when it comes to how we view ourselves, as well as the way we misuse the self talk. We draw a negative circle around ourselves and do not allow anyone in, do not allow ourselves out, and remain there unable to change and progress forward. Do you live in a place that does not extend grace and mercy or a does a group you are around not show those attributes towards others? Those places are difficult to be because they are simply uninviting and no one wants to feel uninvited. Not only are they uninviting, but they are unrealistic and full of deceit. Extend grace even when it is not extended back. Embrace imperfections publicly- you never know who you are going to reach or even change.

Beautiful imperfections are what create beautiful moments, unique lives and design (or even redesign) our callings. Be unique. Be yourself. That is when we create authenticity. Let go of your worries and imperfections. We all have them- embrace them. They are beautiful. Extend yourself some grace and mercy. you were and are created perfectly with how God wanted you. Make sure you are open to see how God created you and boldly share it with those that are around you.

Often I struggle with who I am and how I am supposed to be in everyday life. It is easier to hide inside myself and not either share who I am or simply pretend I am like those that are around me. I even get jealous of those who know who they are and where they are going. But if I take a step back, embrace the strengths and gifts that God has entrusted me with personally, I can begin to create that beautiful mess of a story that God is writing in my life.

Are you embracing your perfectly, imperfect, beautiful mess of a life?

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