Art of Journaling

Sunday, October 9, 2016

The art of journaling is a passionate, self-reflective journey that begins to reveal the heart of its author. It begins to create an identity and a journey where you can reflect on experiences, documenting how those experiences have changed and remolded you, create a space that gives light to fears, identifying what drives you to do what you do and causes your motivations to be seen and realized. What an amazing way to discover you.

Journaling is liberating and freeing. Creating wings for you thoughts so that they can fly. The day that my dad died I was driving from our home in San Luis Obispo down to Santa Monica where my dad was living. As Todd drove and I cried I noticed this bird flying next to our car. We were trapsing along the coastline on the 1 and the bird seemed to follow suit. He stayed with us for miles and miles. Acknowledging the bird as a gift from Jesus and a sign that I hold deeply in my heart, the bird soared away. Tears streamed down my face as he lifted higher into the sky. Writing is like that for me, it liberates in such a way that sets me free to fly in any way that I possibly can, bring clarity in hard time and joy in others. It can and will healing at the end of a chaotic day, clearing the mind while you survey the how the day unfolded and often overcoming the day. It can simply be an amazing way for you to get your life on paper. Remember... YOUR STORY MATTERS!!! Let's use today as a little bit of a prep day for tomorrow's intentional challenge. The idea of journaling.

There are so many different forms of creating a journal, but they are all unique to the person who is doing the creating. So you get the opportunity to pick what your style of journaling. Let it be a refection of who you are and what you enjoy. This is a time to have fun, express the inner workings of your heart and create something that is yours. Here are some ideas to get you started...

+ creative art journal
+ gratitude journal
+ prayer journal
+ meditation journal
+ free writing journal
+ journal full of letters journal
+ free spirited journal (a combination of all of the above)... this is what my journal looks like.

I harness my inner free spirit and do a little bit of everything in my journal. I have explored simply doing an art journal, but I COMPLETELY over think it (we will address this idea of overthinking the journal process) & totally give up because it doesn't look how I want it to look. I hope to one day go back to an art journal as I dive deeper into journaling because I LOVE the concept of an art journal. My journal is my way expressing my hurts, fears, feelings, joys, prayers... you name it. It is just a crazy hot mess.

3 Ways to Journal with Intention

1. Create a Routine. Allow yourself the freedom to journal whenever. You get to chose when, how, why, and how often you journal. That is the beauty of creating a routine. It is your routine. You get to decide what you do & when you do it. As you pick a time to do your journal, be intentional about making that happen. Journaling can be freeing. It gives you a voice if you don't feel like you are being heard. Telling or writing our stories help us process life, so make sure you take the time to get your story heard... even if no one ever reads it. Put pen to paper because it matters and it will help you. I promise.

2. Free Write. I call this the mess journaling method with no filter. When you journal do not over think it. It does not have to be perfect because it is YOURS. Your way to creatively get your soul out on paper. Reflect internally and process externally through your journal. This was my most difficult ideology to overcome when I began journaling. My biggest concern began to be what if others read it, what will they think when they see the chaos of scribbles, cross out marks and the torn corners. But, this completely eliminates the liberating, freeing feeling of creating a story... so just write, create, and fill the pages with your words that evoke an intensity within your own self.

3. LET GO of Worries. I cannot tell you how many times a day I tell one of my children to deal with an issue and then "let go". "Talk through those hurtful words and then let go of what you cannot control." This is a time where you can stop using all of your thought censors. There is no use in being dishonest with yourself. Allow the imperfections to stand as they are, those imperfections create something extremely beautiful.

Allow there to be freedom in your journaling. Write with purpose. With abandon. Without fears or worries.

Are there things holding you back from journaling?
Do you face a lack of time? Lack of drive? Lack of place to start?
But is it really those things or is it fear?

Enjoy journaling.


  1. I think I'd like to try journaling. I haven't done it in awhile.

    1. It is the cheapest therapy there is... well for me it is the cheapest. Journaling is so freeing in all times, but especially times that are a little stressful, seem to have little or no direction or just confusing times. I love it. You should start again. Tell me what you think if you do. This week we are doing an intentional challenge that is a writing/ journaling prompt thing... check it out. Enjoy.


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