Thursday, December 17, 2015

I want to thank everyone who continues to support us both through prayer and financial needs. Yesterday we posted about a HUGE NEED we had (and still have) to help us bring our little guy home. The need is still large, but has shrunk by $455. So instead of $5,208 we now need $4,753.

The money that we are trying to raise not only allows us to send our dossier to Ethiopia, but it allows us to keep our referral for our son. If we do not come up with this money in a timely manner (meaning quickly), we will lose his referral and he will be placed with another family.

Here is what we need... Prayers & Donations. Donate through our PayPal account (link on the side bar), our AdoptTogether account, or to us directly... Although AdoptTogether allows the donation to be a tax deduction for you so there are huge benefits. Please pray for us as we quickly scramble to raise these funds. We do not want to lose this referral. We would also love to hear QUICK fundraising ideas. Please know we are willing to try anything, but right now we need them o be fast.

Those little hands are our little guy... can you help us bring him home?


  1. Hi Summer, I wonder if you might contact someone at Pathways for Little Feet? They provide interest-free loans for adoptive families. When we were in the final days leading up to the birth of our youngest, we were short about this same amount. We explained our situation and they expedited the application process for us and we got fast approval. If you call or email, perhaps try to ask for Heath, who was such a help to us: -Jessica P.

    1. Thank you Jessica. I really appreciate that idea. We are talking about a loan right now... I will look into getting one through them.


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