Saturday, December 19, 2015

Through each person that gave in the last few days, God provided all the funds & then some for our dossier (& keeping our referral). We are in awe... completely shocked.

Wednesday brought tons of fear and frustration for our family. In more then simply needed the funds we were praying for because when the enemy is trying to get you down, he works really hard at hurting you. We experienced disappointment in multiple ways. However, we knew God was going to work everything out, that was never an issue, however we wondered when God was going to work everything out.

Yesterday, while Jessica and I were planning our baking sale (which is still on!!!!!) God moved in the heart of one of our donors on AdoptTogether and completed our current need. In shock, we could not believe that in such a short time you all came together, alongside of us, and gave. It has meant more to our family then we could explain or imagine.

We are so thankful for every single person that gave. You have impacted our family so greatly. I am not sure if it was the donations, the mailing off of our dossier to our agency, the raw emotions that swept through our home, or a combination of the three, but when I received pictures of our little guy yesterday I knew he was my kiddo in a way I have never felt before (he seriously is the cutest little guy ever).

Our fundraising needs are not over. We have a number of expenses left... but today we are breathing a little easier now. Thank you. Thank you for your help. Thank you for sharing our story. Thank you for giving to help bring our little guy home. We are grateful beyond what words can express. I wish I could hug every person that donated. Cannot wait to get our little guy home.

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