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Saturday, October 31, 2015

It was such an exciting day yesterday.

Seeing our little guys face.
Hearing his story.
Allowing reality to set in.

Waiting in anticipation to hear from our adoption agency kept me checking my phone and email all morning. Finally, at lunch time, I received the call from our new case worker. There was this sense of buzzing going around in her office. She finally giggled and apologized, and said, "Everyone is working on your file."

From that moment, I realized that this was going to go fast. Less then an hour later I had our dossier packet, financial statement (almost all of what we paid transferred from the Haiti program to the Ethiopia program), and our official referral.

We needed a home study change/ update. After calling my case worker, she hopped in her car and came out and did it for us within 2 hours. She sent it off to Boise yesterday. We need this to resubmit our USCIS paperwork. We are trying to resubmit it by the end of this next week and the only hold up is going to be the fee that comes with the filing of the I600a. $720.

We could really use your help. If you have any amount to donate, please consider putting it towards our USCIS paperwork. This is the paperwork we need in order to send everything off to Ethiopia to start our process officially in Ethiopia. The sooner it gets there, the soon we get to bring him home.

Currently the easiest way is to donate through Paypal/ in person... Here is our donation link for Paypal.

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