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Friday, October 30, 2015

I genuinely want people to journey with me through the things we experience. Yes, some of the journey is sacred and private, but some of it is an adventure to be shared. I want people to see Jesus. To see how he guides and directs. To sense and know what the Spirit is doing in my life. To feel God move in unique and marvelous ways. That is why I would love you to read this as if you are on a my journey over the last month.

It started with a string of emails determining that I needed a phone call with our case worker in our adoption agency. I had too many questions that I needed answered and they just needed to be hashed out over them phone. She promptly called and delivered news that was difficult for me to hear. Hard for me to wrap my mind around. With frustration that was no ones fault.

We have been in our current adoption process for 11 months. God called us so specifically to a child, or a need of a child that we knew we could meet. In the beginning we were told that our referral for our little girl would come within 6 months. After waiting 5 months and not seeing any movement, the phone conversation became a must. Each of us baffled as to why there was no little girl with the need that we had felt God called us towards.  Not only was there no kiddo in Haiti, but there were no kiddos in any of the countries that our agency adopts from.  None. We ended the phone call with stating, "Call us with anything."

We took that to mean something. That there was something we needed to change. Something that was not going right. We decided we needed to pray and question our whole entire adoption. Do we even adopt? Do we switch to domestic adoption? Do we continue to wait it out?

Here is this past weeks timeline in a way that only Jesus could have written and directed:

Monday: Todd and I determine that since there is no needs for what we thought God had called us too, that we needed to explore other options. We looked at two domestic adoption agencies. Called one that we liked, emailed the second that we really wanted to work with.

Tuesday: We were confident a change was going to be happening, but not sure what that change was going to be. No email back from the agency. Our friend is using them and has told us how AMAZING they are at communication. I am not seeing it at this point.

Wednesday: Email could not be delivered. Call and actually talk to someone. She puts me in contact with the right person. Feeling good we will get a conversation on Thursday. Got a phone call from our current adoption agency, they were just checking in, but had no new news. Wanted to let us know they were praying for us.

Thursday: No one calls and the offices are closed at 3 pm. Start thinking that maybe we are just supposed to stop and not pursue any adoption. Felt discouraged. At 5:00pm my phone rings. Not abnormal. However, our adoption agency's name flashes across the screen. Todd laughs completely joking, "Watch, they have a referral for us."

Here is how the call went:
"Hey Summer it's Steph. I told you I would call with anything that came up. I know you wanted a girl from Haiti, but we have the most precious little boy."

"Okay. Tell me about him."

"He is 6 months old, living in Ethiopia, with the specific need you are willing to take. We need a decision fast, because we know that we can place him with a family, but you are first on our list, even though it is not Haiti."

"Can I talk to Todd and call you back by tomorrow? What does the rest of the process look like for Ethiopia?"

"Yes. Call me back by tomorrow night. {she explains the process}. Oh and I have pictures. I will send them to you."

And that is how God took us on our journey. Haiti, to no adoption, to domestic adoption, to no adoption again, to Ethiopia. To our 4th son.

We are adopting from Ethiopia. We have verbally committed to adopting a 6 months old little boy. While I cannot share his picture with you, I can share his preciousness. He is so absolutely precious, as every child is precious. But this one is mine... so I find him absolutely adorable.

Please pray as we switch everything to Ethiopia.  We are awaiting a phone call from our agency this morning telling us the next step in getting our stuff change with immigration and submission of our dossier. Pray for a speedy process. We will need to raise funds faster then before. Please pray for direction as we navigate the fundraising process with grace. We now need to come up with $11,000 in order to officially accept his referral. I know God can do it. I know he will do it.


  1. Todd and Summer, we are continually praying for you and wanted you to know you have an excellent resource in my parents. As you know they adopted in 2009 from Ethiopia and are very familiar in a personal way with the process. I think you have my moms email. We love you guys so much and are excited as we live vicariously through you. -Chris

  2. Exciting to hear the journey. God works in amazing ways. Hugs! ❤️


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