auction feature #1

Monday, February 23, 2015

are you ready to start meeting the auction awesomeness?
oh you have no idea how excited i am right now.
i love these generous people.
i seriously just squealed and clinched my fists.

here are 3 of our donors... & 5 things we are going to be auctioning off starting next week.  HOLY MOLY!!!!  NEXT WEEK!!!!!!  get ready to bid MARCH 3rd. 

meet my dear friend
lisa leonard
lisa is by far one of the most gracious and generous people i have ever had the pleasure of working alongside.  we became friends when our husbands were pastors together in san luis obispo and i started working with her roughly a month or so later.  she has such a heart for other people it inspires me deeply.  she just spent some time in the dominican republic with compassion international bloggers.  i truly love her heart.  she has donated three necklaces.  OH MY WORD!  i am truly blessed by this amazing gift.

 petite original
customize a petite original necklace.
how adorable is this necklace?  it has always been one of my favorites.

customize this amazing necklace as well.  
this is one of my all time favorite classic LLD necklaces.

customize this sweet necklace as well.
i cannot get over how simply beautiful this necklace is.

meet my new friends at

these sweet girls inspire me deeply.  i am in love with their book Happy Handmade Home and they graciously have donated this to our auction.  if you have not yet picked it up, you now can join our auction and get yourself a copy & help bring our girl home from haiti.  sounds like a win-win to me.  i promise this book will not disappoint.  

they have inspired me to step out of the notion of perfection and live in the beauty that creating something beautiful can hold.  i will share my newest project, taken from their inspiring book soon.  i am in love with how it is turning out.

meet someone who feels like an old friend...

somewhere around the time ash started school i stumbled upon the dear lillie blog.  i was in awe of the beauty that she created in her home.  it was breathtaking.  i just wanted to live in her pictures and sit on her comfy couches and get inspired by her amazing style in her home.  ahhh.  it is truly breathtaking.  you need to check it out for yourself.

dear lillie has donated this beautiful print to our auction fundraiser.  i dare you to read it and not sing the song and not smile as you do.  i seriously cannot do it.  it makes me want to bust out a ukulele and learn to play... and sing on a beach somewhere. 

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