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Friday, January 9, 2015

just asking.
it is something that i am not very good at doing.
because it opens my heart and mind up to rejection.
and i hate being rejected.
it keeps me up in night.
filled with fear and angst.
it breaks my heart into a million pieces.

recently i read the book Every Bitter Thing is Sweet by Sara Hagerty.  i sat completely stunned at one concept i picked up on in the book.  i am not even sure where it is or which chapter the words are etched into, however the idea behind the words has stuck with me.  it was simple, how are people going to know you need help if you don't ask or make your needs known.

so in an effort to put into practice my new idea of simply asking, getting rid of my fears, i began to dream and pray for
fundraising ideas 
and boldness to ask for others to help.

the FIRST fundraiser we are putting together a raffle that will feature something amazing.  i am patiently waiting to hear from some wonderful people who are going to contribute... but you will not want to miss it.

the SECOND is an online auction that will take place towards the end of february.  i am in the process of collecting amazing items & am so overwhelmed by what God is doing through those that are perfect strangers & beautiful friends.  in just 36 hours (yes you read that right... just 36 hours) i have received confirmation of donations from these beautiful and amazing artists.  i am blown away and completely in awe.

Lisa Leonard Designs
Dear Lillie
Lindsay Letters
A Beautiful Mess
Noonday (Stephanie Nunes)
Noonday (Amber CoK)
Jones Design Company
My VERY talented friend Amy Mackey
The Sign Cafe

i am patiently waiting to hear if other amazing artists will donate too... i know God is going to do amazing things with this fundraiser.  i seriously have cried every time i have received an email.

you also can donate (a tax deductible donation) towards our adoption through adopt together how awesome is that?  i am so encouraged and in awe as i continue to watch God simply show up & do amazing things.

all i had to do was ask.

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