james 1:27

Friday, November 1, 2013

today marks the month where we try and raise awareness as to the need of those who have no voice.
today marks the day that we started our adoption process 2 years ago.
today is a special day for me.  especially sisnce i am currently sitting watching two congolese boys play with cars, using their imaginations, making annoying car noises and being silly little kiddos.

today is special.
it also reminds me that i need to do more.
that i have to do more.
but i don't know how i am supposed to do more.
but have started to pray about how we can do something.
to continue to fight for the orphans & widows.

but in honor of this day.
and this month.
james 1:27
each picture is hand painted using water color.

click a picture to take you to the product.
i am in the process of finding a place to donate.  but $6 of each painting will go towards aiding those that are still orphans in congo.

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