he waited. for me.

Sunday, August 11, 2013

he waited.
he gets it.
he melts me.

tonight we watched "42".
emotional. beautiful. worth it.
i cannot believe i cried within about 20 minute.
jt was about to punch someone even sooner.
my CA kiddos were in awe.
we have apparently not prepared them.
kind of thankful for that.
it showed me that they both (ash & j) didn't understand racism.
they didn't understand a difference in color.
they don't care.
my heart if full.

this little guy.
{serious sigh}.
he wanted to be baptized.
last minute.
(it was baptisms in the park tonight.)
oh how i want to see all my kiddos be baptized.
last year was my sweet ash.
this year j wanted to be baptized.
but it was last minute.
but does that matter?
so stoked for his heart for JESUS.
i could almost scream.

now keep in mind the last post.
the post that has over 3,500 reads the first day.
unreal to me.
seriously... it's all about JESUS.

but because it was last minute.
because it i had no clue what to do.
because the right people could not embark on idaho at the right time.
(aka my mother in law.)
do you know what he did?  do you know what my gracious kiddos said?  do you know how grateful this mom is?

he responded with more grace than ever.
we asked if he could wait until i could be there.
"okay.  i get it.  of course i want my mom there."

this is why i love my kids.
all of them.
but especially ash & j at hard moments.
because they get what we fight for.
they get why we fight for it.
they understand.

so my little "ubu".  (no one but me must call him ubu or oobs)
i love you.
thanks for loving JESUS.
and thanks for loving me too.
i am so thankful for a beautiful moment.  a beautiful memory.  the moment you knew you wanted to follow Jesus is forever imprinted in my mind.  i cannot wait to see you get dunked.  you hold a big piece of my heart.  i love you to pieces.  if as many people in my life had your heart, the heart of an almost 9 year old, our world would be better.
simply put.
you are amazing.
i love you a million times a million and infinitely.
you are amazing oobs.

and my dear friends... i fight for him too.

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