Tuesday, May 28, 2013

we've come a long way.
in 4 months.
we have come a long way (said slowly.  with a LONG being the big word.)
all of us are hurting.
some of us cry a lot (aka me & jt).
some of us get mad.
some of us pout.
some us actually get angry.
"like watch out world.
i'm going to get you" type angry. (ash).
some of us saturate ourselves in books.
any book about the brain, trauma, or older child adoptions.
to help us (okay it's me) to understand ANYTHING.
some build legos. (jt)
some of us stay calm.
the kind that makes you a better person than the rest of us.
the calm that makes me envious. (todd)
but there is something we all do.
all 6 of us.
our crazy, silly family.
WE ALL SING. (good or not.  i am NOT good.)

at least 1x a day, we have a dance party.  in the kitchen.  in the front room.  on the trampoline.  it really doesn't matter.  we love a good dance party.

we always have music on.  we start ever EVER ever single day with a song that SOMEONE (lets call her stephanie... our beautiful caseworker) sent to me.  it reminded her of our sweet titus.  'hello my name' by matthew west.  every morning.  i look at "G" (that is his nickname because his middle name is gary after my pops & he likes to go by "G"... so that is what we call him) & tell him it is his song.  throughout the whole day we have music on.  it doesn't matter what music we are playing.  it's always on & there is:  ALWAYS singing (titus) & always dancing. (levi)

our family joke is that someone always has a song & someone always has a dance.  that is so true of our family.  currently... both boys like to groove to either justin timberlake/ the finale by the barton bellas from pitch perfect (no judging.  they haven't seen the movie.  they have heard SOME of the soundtrack.  yes it is hilarious.  i just happen to be watching it right now.  come on... it's tuesday.  it's what i do).

levi has a serious groove.  the boy can dance.  NO JOKE.  i'm sure he dances in his dreams.  that's actually why he falls out of his bed on a weekly basis.  titus has some major rhythm.  he picks up a beat and NEVER forgets it.  ashlynn loves to sing.  jeremy loves to dance with levi... these two together are HILARIOUS.  music... no matter the genre.  christian.  "secular".  rap.  soundtrack.  alternative.  it doesn't matter.  it has brought our family together.

i can remember the VERY FIRST song we listened to as a family, that really drew a connection.  wavin' flag by k'naan.  stools turned into drums.  laughter took over the house.  repeat was set.  we ALL just laughed.  today.  nothing has changed.  music still makes us laugh.  it still brings us together in the center of the kitchen.  in our hard parts of our day.  in the good parts.  & in the in between parts.

today i was reminded of the awkward first dance party.  & how things have changed.  now we have these fun, crazy dance parties when someone just busts out in song/ dance.  we all join in.  no hesitation.  i love it.  it reminded me that we are a family.

we continue to be unified.
we continue to bond.
we are strengthened because of what JESUS has done for us.
we are a family.

yes we have issues.
yes we still cry.
and get angry.
get mad.
BUT we also have DANCE PARTIES.
and we all hug.
we all love deeply.
we all have each others back.
("got your back jack".  to which levi says, "mom why do you have my back?")
we all fight FOR each other.
we ALL are trying to see Jesus' plan.
(yes even the younger boys.  first thing titus said asked when he woke up from his nap was... "mommy, did God make me?"  i read psalm 139 to him.  friends, i pray every time that he goes to sleep that he would only have dreams about Jesus.  so you can imagine my tears.)
we are all a FAMILY.
different colors.
different backgrounds.
but the same.
because of one thing.

he has BONDED our family together.  he continues to heal our hurts.  giving us grace and mercy for each other.  drawing us together.  healing us from the pasts that haunt us (me included).  giving us a HOPE & A FUTURE.  a future that looks like SEEKING JESUS & DANCE PARTIES.

i love all of these beautiful people.  i get to keep them forever.


  1. goodness Sum!! you always make me cry! love ya'll and miss you so very much!We will continue to pray for healing,peace and dance parties;) xoxo from the bottom of my heart!

  2. Hey guys! Hopefully you remember me from English camp a few years back. I just wanted to say that I've been praying for you all during this whole journey. I love the updates, I love getting to watch this crazy amazing story of redemption unfold. My prayers are with you all the time. These stories melt my heart, sometimes I cry with you guys. I wish I could help financially, but I can't. I wanted you to know my prayers and thoughts are often with you all. :)

  3. I love everything about this post! Summer, I love you and your family... this picture and every word you wrote. we continue to pray for you guys.

  4. Keep dancing, Summer! I hope the family camp is going well. I pray the Lord gives you all more tools and more bonding times as He weaves your lives together.


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