busy makin' memories.

Monday, March 25, 2013

i have been absent about blogging.
absent from life in general.
we have been busy.
which is an understatement.

busy making memories.
healing hearts.
casting away evil things.
replacing them with Jesus.

busy catching up on sleep.
healing our bruises.
laughing hard at our crazy days.

we have continually hit our knees.
learned great and many lessons.
cried tears of joy & sadness.

given over our days to a God who can heal.
who will heal.
who has healed.

we have rejoiced in our successes.
let go of our failures.
shed tears because of the hurts of our sons.
screamed for Jesus to bind the enemy.
prayed for redemption.

redemption of hearts and souls.  redemption is hard.  it is a never ending battle filled with great love and joy... and tears.  redemption is dirty.  it is ugly.  it is harsh.  it is draining.

and it is BEAUTIFUL. 
because Jesus will win.
he is winning.

our stories of redemption are all different.  but they are all fought for, dripping with love, grace & mercy.  our boys stories towards the redemption, which we continually pray for, will be even more different than we can imagine. the aching of their pasts.  the joys of their future.  the reality of their precious lives.  all to be healed and redeemed by a God who is far more able than we can ever imagine.

here are a few of their firsts in our home... as a family of 6.

titus g... loves the snow.
first time sledding.
first time picking out a toy.
levi daniel... loving his 4th birthday even if he's really not 4 (we don't think).
learning that home is safe.
first brother wrestling & jumping match.
first time feeding the ducks.
please pray for our 4 kiddos.  because redemption is dirty... there are a lot of scars.  hurts.  tears.  pain.  frustrations.  not just with titus & levi... but ash & j are seeing how hard it is to simply love someone when things are hard or when someone is mean.  pray for bonded and connected siblings.  pray that the boys continue to see JESUS as part of their amazing stories.  

because, lets face it, JESUS WINS.
redemption is messy.
but it is also beautiful.


  1. LOVE this! Thanks for the update Summer!

  2. What beautiful poetry you've written, Summer. And what a wonderful story of redemption God is weaving through your family. I'm enjoying all the little pictures and videos you've been posting on FB. Those little guys have big personalities. I pray God continues to weave all your hearts together in the coming weeks.


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