4 years.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

i had a dream the other night that i called my dad to find out if he knew where my sister was one afternoon.  a phone call that would have been a typical, normal, everyday phone call.  it was the dream that was interrupted by a little boy who was ready to start his day.  so it stuck with me for a long while. a dream that still sticks with me because of the simplicity of that dream.  the realness of it.  the fact that it is the stuff i miss the most.  the everyday conversations that meant merely nothing, but at the same time meant everything.

the last time i spent real quality time with my dad, before his health declined so strongly, was in february of 2009.  breezi (my sister), ash, my pops & i spent the day at the beach.  we sat at a small table, watching the crowds, drinking beer or something, & playing with these balloons that flew through the air, making an obnoxious sound, drawing a crowd of children (& some weirdos too).  i remember sitting there and marveling at just how strong my dad was through his battle with cancer.  his strength is always something that astounded me.  his strength that was not his own, but something that was from his Jesus.

his battle was hard.  and full of hope.  i found a small written note in his bible... in the margins i found a note.  it simply and beautifully said: "*strength for the last days on earth."  in was inscribed in the margins of 2 corinthians 5... "that if the earthy tent which is our house is torn down, we have a building from God, a house not made with hands, eternal in the heavens."

he pretty much is the greatest man i have ever known in my whole entire life.  he was my protector.  that last day we spent at the beach (not the last day we spent together but the most enjoyable), a creepy man stood between my dad & i.  my dad could tell i was uncomfortable (we talked about it that night).  he simple stood up in his weakness, walked over to me, stood beside me & said nothing.  that was a moment like no other.  because in all his weakness, he found strength to "defend".  that is just the kind of amazing guy God gave me as a father.  i cannot wait to again stand beside him in heaven.

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