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Saturday, December 1, 2012

 "what if" is a question i try not ask simply because it is not founded in reality & truth.  it gives credit to speculation and an outcome that may never happen or a situation that may never take place.  however, i have to ask... what if?  what if.  what if!!!!
what if we pursued the least of these.
what if we allowed our hearts to break wide enough to allow a child who isn't related by blood to become our family.
what if the shoeless feet were leaving marks on our hardwood floors.
what if we did not leave behind the innocent to grieve.
what if we simply loved like Christ called us to.

what if we gave them a chance to be kings.
what if we allowed them the opportunity to be queens.
what if they were given the chance to shout the glory of Gods name in victory.

what if we loved.  simply loved them.  the way that Christ called us to love.
what if we did not forget them.
what if we did not allow the world to forget them.
what if we made them our sons or our daughters.

"if not us, who will be like Jesus to the least of these?"  a question that needs to haunt us.  if we simply open our hearts & our families... we are able to love the least of these.
we could make them our sons & our daughters.

these boys i pray will one day be brave & free {as the song says... kings}... shouting Gods name in victory.


  1. *Tears* Oh Lord, continue to break my heart and keep me tender. May I never, ever stop caring, crying for all the kings and queens out there.

  2. An absolutely beautiful post. And the pictures of your boys...such sweetness.

  3. Great video and post. Thanks for sharing!


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