thru a week.

Monday, October 15, 2012

the week we spent as the give1save1 family.

this past week started off with the everyday ups & downs.  the heartache of another week passing as we wait on corrected paperwork.  the unknown of what is going on thousands of miles away with two little boys that we call our sons.  it started a little differently having been featured as the give 1 save 1 family of the week.  and with that came tons of blessings and tons of overwhelming stressful feelings.  plain and simple.  we were asking people to give us money.

in that awkwardness of pleading came a relief and an understanding that we {both todd & i} weren't expecting to experience.  it was a far harder than we thought it was going to be.  far more exhausting.  and far more fulfilling once our perspectives towards fundraising changed.  the comment from our friend about pressing on because our boys needed us was so true.  (thanks jeff).  my boys need me.  they need us.  they need us to fight for them as hard as we can.  they need us to give our all in getting to them.  after a discussion, todd looked at me and said, we would do anything for our kids & this is what we can do for them now.  we can fight & pursue them by raising money to get to them and bring them home.

last week we fought.
with ferver.

we fought to raise awareness for our situation.  (a situation that changed mid-week with a bill that was greater than we had budgeted).  but because God is bigger than us... he started to move mountains to make a dent in our need.  he showed us that while we are fighting for our boys to come home... he is fighting for them even harder.  he is fighting for all of us.

so this week.
we feel blessed.
cared for.

& not simply because people gave to our adoption (yes we feel all those things because of that as well), but because of the support we felt from a community of people that we know and those that we did not know.

we want to share our total with you.  & we will.  tonight.  we have a special little thank you to all who gave & shared our video... but the kids wanted to help & they are currently at school.  so look for the video and total tonight.  it is going to blow your mind.  i'm serious.  it will.

do good.  be rich in good deeds.  be generous & willing to share. 1 timothy 6:18 (the theme verse for give1save1).


  1. I am enjoying your blog posts so much for a selfish reason...or a self-help sort of reason....and that is because I've never ran into anyone who seemed to feel so much like I do about such a huge part of adoption for us, and that is the "fundraising". A while back, I felt lead to put a "donate" button up on my blog. I had 3 responses to a post I wrote about the donate button and I was so panicked by the fact that I now held in my paypal account $140 of someone elses money that I could hardly sleep and I woke with stomach ache just from nerves! Later, it inched up to $240 of donations and I daily struggle not to hit the refund button. I don't because I remind myself of the feeling and reason that I put the button there in the first place....I felt lead to by what I perceived was the Lord's voice and so it stays and I have relaxed some mostly because I try not to think of it. :(

    I think that IF we were far enough along to have a referral, I would feel much differently as you have been able to move forward knowing you are fighting for your boys.

    You guys have been a blessing to come across. Can't wait to see your total....I am very blessed by your story and your heart.

    Praying for you!

  2. Hi there - new to your blog but LOVE it. :-) Your videos are great! It seems I am always playing catch up when it comes to internet time. I totally relate to the fundraising emotions. It was so hard and the most humbling thing I have ever done but talk about a Pride check. Here I go rambling on and I didn't even introduce myself. I am Tessy and we brought our son home from the DRC in January. I am addicted to the online adoption community and blogs and praying children home to their forever families. I also lack social skillz (see above :-) Hope to follow more of of your journey.

    Tessy from Divine Moments


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