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Monday, October 8, 2012

last week we began listening to God.
not asking.
just listening.

i was waiting for him to show me something.
i said my 7 prayers each day. (i tried).
ate the items on "the list".
held my spending (wow that is really hard.  really hard.  i LOVE to shop.)
i budgeted for the month.
planned out spending.
i went grocery shopping with my list.
and only bought what was on my list.
(that never happens).

this week i listened to God.
i watched him bless us.
over and over and over.

we are starting out this week with a blessing as well.  we have been given the opportunity to be apart of give 1 save 1 a {beautiful group of people} who have a heart for the orphans.  a heart for those families in the adoption process.  a heart to help bring those sweet babies home.  i am already so overwhelmed.  overwhelmed to the point of tears.  over whelmed to the crying out to Jesus.  thanking him for blessing me far beyond what i deserve. 

my "blessing hour" prayers are at 9:00.  i start by reading psalm 90:17, "let the favor of the Lord our God be upon us; and confirm for us the work of our hands; YES, confirm the work of our hands".  i am claiming this verse this morning.  knowing that God will bless our work.  our effort.  our hearts for our sons.  for our family.

jeremy prayed for the video this morning.  he asked that the video be seen by people we don't even know.  he begged, "more than anything, Jesus, I want my brothers home.  help us bring them home."

{sigh} [tears] (blessed)



  1. Wow! I am sitting here crying tears of joy that I am able to part of your miracle, part of your answers to prayer. This is Tracy, one of the founders of Make It For Maggie, and I am up late (2:00 a.m.) working on getting everything ready for our registration to open Tuesday morning.

    I want you to know God led me to you. He told me to ask Heather if there was someone at her church that MIFM could bless. He told me there was someone adopting children that needed my help.

    And there you were, praying your heart out for me to find you. I am so grateful to be part of your answer. I am humbled to part of God's work. I can't wait to see what miracles come out of this year's Make It For Maggie.

    1. Tracy... we are so excited to be apart of MIFM. i just got your email update and checked everything out. i am very excited. we feel very blessed.

  2. Fabulous! Can you send us over some pics? We would especially love one of the four of you, one of your kids holding pictures do Titus and Levi, and one of you holding the sign about how long you prayed for Todd's heart.

    1. you got it. i am working in the classroom. when i get home i will for sure do that for you.


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