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Friday, October 12, 2012

sometime is have this thought.
a far off thought.
but one that makes me smile.
it's of titus or levi introducing me to their friends.
"this is my mom."
obviously if they don't know this journey it may catch them off guard.
maybe cause them to ask a few questions.
spur on conversation.
what a beautiful day it will be when we can give that person the gospel.
simply by sharing our story.
encouraging others to hear and know about Jesus.
maybe to turn their hearts towards Jesus.
because adoption isn't simple bringing children into your family.
yes our family is growing & changing.
adoption is the gospel.

if you still haven't donated & feel called to play a part in our journey.
click the link.

thanks for giving.
for sharing.
for helping us spread the word of our adoption.
you are amazing.

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