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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

before we get to the totals i have to share a quick story.  it started with someone reading our story & watching our video.  emailed me and said this:

"I just had to email you and say, "thank you!" My husband and I just celebrated our one year anniversary.  He is not completely against adoption...more that he is supportive of my desires and "one day far away maybe we can talk about it."  I, like you, had felt the call to adopt before he and I even met.  I have been praying for him and whatever little one(s) God has for us.  It has been on my heart more than ever as of late.  Finding your blog was such perfect timing and just the encouragement I needed to pray, pray, and pray some more."

yes i cried.  yes i made todd read it.  but more than that, God was using our story in someone's life.  even more than that, she was me not too long ago.  i committed to pray for her.  and love her from afar.  if you think about it today, pray for all those who want to adopt and have spouses who don't or aren't ready.  they need your prayers.  the road they walk is hard.  sad.  and sometimes lonely.  but God is kind of big and can change hearts.  if he wants too.  thank you for sharing... you know who you are.  i just adore you.

NOW... our video.
the one with our totals.
it was late.
we tried to be creative.
if you could hear us laughing.
you would laugh.
don't worry we will show some "out takes".


day 2 recap from Todd Roughton on Vimeo.

all the dots are smiley faces that ash & jt put on the map where people who donated live.  you can get a smiley face too.  don't we all want smiley faces?


  1. Rejoicing over your new total! You inspire me. Praying God not only sees you to the end of this adoption, but does far more through your family than you ever imagined. Thankful for a new friend ♥


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