dear boys.

Saturday, October 6, 2012

dear boys.
we had no idea you were 30,000 feet above the ground.
were you scared?
did you sit next to each other?
did you hold each others hand?
did you even know where you were going?
who hugged you first after you made the journey to the transition home? 
do you know what i did when i got the email that you got to kinshasa?
i cried.
i read the email again and again.
and then again.
you are in a place that brings you one step closer to home.
a beautiful place with beautiful people.
people who will give you hugs.
hold you when you cry.
care for you in ways you may have never experienced.
& the place where we will all meet for the first time.
i am so thankful.
so thankful you are there safe.
thankful we are close.
i can't wait until i make that same journey.
to the transition house.
the day we get to meet you guys face to face.
to meet the beautiful people who have cared for you.
the wonderful people who have loved you.
but mostly i want to hug you.
i want to play with you.
read stories to you.
tickle and laugh with you.
i cannot wait.
you moved one step closer to your family.
in that move, that took you 30,000 feet above the ground and back down into a different city, it made my heart soar because it made our process so real.  it made me feel like i was connected to your lives in some way.
that flight represents a change.
a change that we were able to help with.
a change that we are so excited about.
a change that brings us closer.
a change that binds our hearts ever tighter.
a change.
plain and simple.
we are all one step closer in being together.
love you boys deeply.
so glad you are "safe in kinshasa".

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