GOD is moving.

Monday, October 1, 2012

GOD is moving.
we are choosing to listen.

over the past month or so God has tugged on my heart.  begging me to evaluate my life.  asking me to look at my sin.  look at my misuse.  i've contemplated sharing this.  possibly as accountability.  but also to encourage others to simply listen to God.  are you listening to what God is calling you to do?  are you paying attention to how God is directing you?  what are you willing to give up because of God's calling?

todd was out of town this weekend.  the kids were on their best behavior.  and God called me to read and listen.  on tuesday, i shared with someone about the struggles i was having.  here i am living far above my means.  spending too much money.  throwing food away.  and in all honesty God was convicting me.  as i shared this with a stranger from our church, she told me about a book that she had just finished reading.  a book called 7.  on my way home from the meeting i was sitting in, God continued to break my heart.  i needed to read this book.  i knew God was calling me to sit down and devour it.  so i did.  i purchased the book on my iPad (irony @ it's finest) & began the brutal assault on my thinking.  i quickly found out that the author is sarcastic (perfect), hilarious (love it), truthful (makes you feel like failing is okay), and wants more of JESUS (me too!).  oh and while she was writing her book, she was adopting two little kids from africa.  (seriously).  the book is an "experimental mutiny against excess".  exactly what God was convicting me over.  how more perfect is this?

so this weekend, while todd was gone, HE (God... not todd) spoke clearly using scripture and promptings in this book.  because change was already on my heart and inevitably going to happen in our lives (i just wasn't sure how).  so, todd wasn't surprised when he got home and i simply told him, "we need to talk".

we wrestled through convictions together.  we both want to see God continue to move n our lives.  we want to HEAR God speak to us.  we want more of JESUS.  plain and simple.  so we are giving up things in order draw deeper into what God wants from us.  so he can use us in the lives of our 4 children, in ministry, and with each other.

1.  food.  we are giving up everything processed & anything with sugar.  we are only eating real foods.  here are pre-approved foods.  7 of them.  (the book chose 7 specific things... we chose 7 categories.  we want our sweet children to participate with us, so we need to make it more realistic for them.  legumes, fruits, veggies, whole wheat homemade bread (all bread must be made with 6 ingredients or less), chicken/eggs (eggs are bought locally), 7 different grains (quinoa, steel cut oats, brown rice, bulgur wheat, amaranth, barley & spelt) & milk from a local farmer.   the irony in all of this, as it starts today, is we are driving to salt lake where we will pass and in-n-out... todd's favorite. i find it rather humorous.  in the twist of being "unfair", it reminded us that if it wasn't a sacrifice and if it was easy, then we were doing something wrong.

2.  spending.  no excess spending.  strict food budget.  cash only.  only bill related items.  unless we first discuss it.  both agree on it.  and it does not exceed our "fun money" allotment.  (we should already be doing this, but we don't.  this one is going to be the hardest from me!!!  especially since we are going to ikea tomorrow.  getting some things for the boys rooms.  we discussed it.  made a pre-approved items list.  much smaller list then i would like. {sigh}.

3.  prayers.  said 7 times a day.  midnight (so this one got moved to 11pm), 7am, 9am, 12pm, 2 pm, 5pm, 8pm.  praying for specific things each time.  we deeply desire to be a people who listen to God & want his will to be done most of all.  we never want to miss an opportunity because we simply did not listen.

4. possessions.  give things away.  things we love.  but ultimately things we don't really need.

this was my convictions.  yep, i passed them onto my family.  we are all going to do them.  all 4 of us.  our purpose.  to listen to God.  to "fast" & pray for our family.  for our sons in africa.  they are going without.  we are going to go without (you have no idea how much i LOVE to shop).  until we bring them home... this is our sacrifice.  we are praying through some other areas that need tweeking.  but we have yet to come to a conclusion as to what God wants from us. 

God is moving.  he is changing us.  drawing us closer together.  to him & to each other.  so thankful that we can see God move in our hearts & in our lives.

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  1. This rules. Is it ok to say I'm proud of you even though you're older (not old, just older than me, right?) and more mature? Regardless, I really think this is so cool. Still praying for you guys and everything that's going on. I miss you all so much but am daily surprised and excited by how soon I'll get to see you again.


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