continually blessed.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

hey all.
thanks again to everyone who is donating to our boys.
we feel continually blessed.
thanks for helping us reach our fundraising needs.
thanks for giving sacrificially.
thanks for caring and loving us.
we are so thankful.
so appreciative.

this fundraising thing is hard and so out of my comfort zone.  when i was a kid and needed $ i would make my mom ask my dad for me.  i just don't like it.  the honest truth is that it is uncomfortable.  but i am torn.  between my heart for my boys and the need for plane tickets.   in order to go get our boys i need to raise a little bit of money.   after sharing my struggles with a friend... his response was simple.  "your boys need you."

so with that... we press on.  please feel free to donate.  help bring home titus & levi.
click the link below.

share the link.
email the link.
post the link.
send the link...
anyway you want.


  1. This has nothing to do with your post really, but I love the room in the video! The white couch, ladder, map, little brown faces above the couch! Love!

    1. HA! amanda thanks a ton!!!! i love my front room too!!!!!


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