we have judgement:)

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

today was a joyful time in our house.
it was a time to look & say...
we see God's goodness.

we have fervently claimed it all along.
i have tried to remember it when i forgot it.
we shared it with others.
knew it would continue to bless our family.
we were waiting for this moment.

tuesday at 11:28 am an email entered into my inbox without my knowledge.  & there it sat.  i was trying to clean my basement.  {it has been a while.}  after straighten up my desk i sat down really quick to check my facebook.  interrupted by an intense scene on REVENGE (a guilty pleasure), i refocused & opened my computer.  in my inbox was a message from an ALBB family.  it simply asked if i had heard anything yet.  a quick response to "not yet", then spurred me on to quickly check my email. 

did she hear something? 
did she get the email? 
did i get the email?

trying to get my email opened.  it moved slower than normal.
finally opening.
my heart stopped.
there it was.
the email.
from stephanie (our caseworker).
subject line: "we have judgment :)"

i almost couldn't breathe.  almost. 
i jumped up.
sat down.
jumped up.
walked around.
sat down.
opened the email.
& prayed.
thanking God for being so faithful to our family.  being good to our family.  & TEACHING us so much through all of this waiting.

running up stairs i grabbed my phone.  i was shaking so bad.  sitting at the top of the stairs i called my sister in law (she has been the biggest support to me through all of this).  all i could muster up through my breathless shaking & tears was... "we passed".  super gross in my workout clothes.  & still overjoyed beyond measure.  i read her the email... probably the first time i really comprehended it. 

we have judgement.

{the reason i didn't call todd right away}...
well, about 2 months ago, the kids really wanted to be apart of telling todd.  how could i deny that.  they have sacrificed so much so far.  they have let go of their sane mom.  they have given up bedrooms.  sacrificed "comfort".  participated in fundraisers.  heard accusations about us as we walk through this adoption.  they have heard about why we adopt.  they can tell you whey people should care for the orphans.  they can recite james 1:27.  they have been amazing.  so i told them yes.  we have had this planned for 2 months.  i caught it on video. 

it's not very good.  just from my phone.

this is what we captured when he walked into the room.  tears.  happiness.  God knew he needed this today.  we needed this today... but he really did.

it was perfect.

i was standing in levi's room.  which isn't quite done.  i was standing there thinking... it's time.  time to finish his room.  jt came in.  asked a few questions.  i could tell he wanted to just be in there.  he smiled.  ran over to me.  hugged me.  he simply said, "i am so happy".   i asked him if it was because the judge signed the papers.  he said, "no.  i am happy that they are my brothers."

tonight as jt & i prayed... well he prayed.  i cried.
he simply thanked God for his brothers.
that they were roughton's officially.
that they were going to be coming home soon.
he prayed for them to love him.
he was thankful for the judge who signed our judgement.

simply put.  we are excited.  blessed.  thankful.

transition into the transition home for our boys (we don't know when they will get there).
papers put in order.
corrections are made quickly... or lets pray big.  NO CORRECTIONS NEEDED.

seriously... HOW GOOD IS GOD?  words can't describe it!!!


  1. The video made me cry....what a beautiful moment. So happy for your family. All six of you.

    1. thanks britt. we are pretty excited as you can imagine.

  2. God is faithful. He desires all children to be adopted into Christian homes. I remember the day we got the news about adopting our two children from overseas in July 2006. We had had so many emotional roller coasters. Hurricane Katrina completely flooded the federal building where we filed all of our paperwork for their citizenship. We had to start the whole process over. Over and over we had many disappointments. It was a long process. Now, one of them is doing great and the other one has extreme RAD. I know God has a plan. I just wish my son believed God has a special plan for him. I also know because of him being adopted he knows their is a God. He is 13 with alot of anger. I wish I could of known about his past experiences from the beginning. We would have gotten him the treatment he needed at a earlier age. Take the time to really, truly get to know your adopted children. Blessings, Diane Roark www.recipesforourdailybread.com

    1. diane... thanks for sharing your story. i can only imagine the devastation with the process of waiting for things out of your control. God does have a plan. for both of your sons. thank you even deeper for the advice. we have already found a counselor who can work with them if needed, we are trying to prepare and understand our sons even before they get here... and when they get home, we will be spending a LOT of time just playing and trying to understand who our sons are. praying for your sweet kiddos.

  3. This is really a beautiful story. I would have loved to have documentation of my parents journey through the adoption process. I was directed to your blog from a fellow WordPresser, AdoptingJames, just so you know. Congratulations. As one who was adopted, it overjoys me to know of other wonderful blessings, of families being brought together by God. He is great and continues to bless my family, as I am sure He will continue to do for yours. Cheers.

    1. denee... thank you for this. being that you were once adopted and now have what sounds like a beautiful family, your words are very encouraging to me.


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