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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

these next two weeks will be a beast.
we received word last week that our papers should be signed by september 21st. 
this time i am holding my breath.
i want this so badly.
not that i haven't wanted it before.
but this time.
really really really want it.

on september 21st, it will mark 4 months of having our dossier in the DRC.  ultimately, this isn't the worst time frame ever in the history of adoptions.  i am well aware that there are many other countries that take longer (as i am repeatedly told by people).  but there is something that makes this very different.  we should have been traveling to get the boys next month.  in a perfect adoption, though there are few, we would be going to AFRICA in the month of october, at the latest november.  so now, we wait.

we wait to see if the signature on the paperwork says september.  we wait and hope to travel by christmas.  we wait for things we cannot control.  things like judges.  stuff like embassy dates.  things like paperwork.  the waiting has gotten increasingly harder and harder. 

right now i am struggling because among the papers that will be signed by the 21st are families who have only had to wait 6/7 weeks for paperwork to be signed.  (p.s. i am so excited for them... words cannot describe how glad i am that they do not have to wait 4 months)  however, i struggle with the why we didn't have that happen.  why we had to wait 4 months.  why we had to and they did not.  it really isn't something that i think about constantly, but it is something i am drawn to think about from time to time. 

but GOD.  he is working.  he is moving.  he knows when everything is going to happen.  i am continually reminding myself of that.  he is doing great things.  huge things.  & he is not done yet.

-  on sunday we get to share our adoption story with our church.  our church is wonderful, but adoption isn't something that they completely understand or get.  please pray that we are able to show them a clear picture of adoption.  why we are adopting.  why our church needs to be an adoption friendly church.

-  that our paperwork is signed and we know it is signed by the 21st.  i know God has a plan & i get it is God's timing (seriously hard to continually hear), but i really desire that signature.

-  that my frustration wouldn't be apparent to others.  that i would rest gracefully in what God has planned for our adoption.  that i am able to tell the story of our process with grace and hope. 

-  for the boys.  the sooner we pass court, the quicker they get to move into the transition home.

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