no veto.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

if you know ash at all, you know there isn't many things that cause her to fear.
well okay, maybe a few.
but one thing is for certain.
she does not fear color.
patterns don't scare her.
she embraces both.
sometimes at the same time
and ends up a hot mess.

her transition to idaho has not been easy.  she has kicked and screamed.  missing her friends.  wanting to leave.  never seeming to catch a break whether at school or at church (this rarely happens for pastors kids i am learning).  but one thing she has held onto... her spicy-ness.  oh that girl can ruffle a few of my feathers with one single look.  but man, i love her for that.

she has struggle with reading, so her teacher told her she could come in a little early before school and work.  she was so excited.  today being her first.  with all spit and fire she walked upstairs this morning full of color.  not in her cheeks... in her outfit.

often her outfit gets vetoed.  [ever watch FRIENDS?  see the episode where rachel & ross are trying to decide on a baby name and if of them doesn't like the others choice the simply say veto.]  well i veto ash's outfits sometimes.  i really just say "veto".  & she runs and changes.

today almost got a veto.  until stopped.  looked @ her confident smile.  and refrained my veto.  later deciding that she really did look pretty darn cute.  off she went to school where she is struggling.  full of color.  full of confidence.  & ready to conquer her day.

confession:  sometimes i forget that i have the ability to do that for my kids.  i try and control their creative nature.  telling them to do something one way or another.  but today was such a good reminder to allow them, especially her, to live as loud as she can.  being as brave as she can.  with as much spunk & sass as possible.  i want her to make a bold statement on the world.  a bold statement of her love for others and her love for Jesus {she has a ton for both}.  it was a slap in the face of reality because i am not here to raise "good little kids, I pray that we will raise dangerous men and daring daughters who will expand the kingdom of God." {ann dunagan, heart of simplicity}

here's to hoping that, one day, she travels to far off countries... with boldness & fire... to change the world.

aqua and red.

her leopard print shoes. {love them}

her post braided hair.


  1. What a beautiful post and great reminder. I think she looks adorable! :)

  2. Her outfit totally rocks! Very artsy/indie! Shes got some style and confidence:-)


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