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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

to give: freely transfer the possession of (something) to (someone); hand over to.
syn. of to give: verb.  bestow - grant - present - impart - allow - render

that is the concept behind the vintage key necklace. 

1.  pick a key.
2.  pick a word.
3. wear it so your encouraged.
but don't stop there.
4.  give it away... to encourage someone else.

recently my mom gave me this beautiful door knob.

 can you see why it was so special to me.
on the handle is a "L" & a "T".
in her words... she couldn't believe it.
she snatched it right up and shipped it off to our family.

she simply said that it was a reminder to us of the new path that we were on getting our boys.  the journey that they were on, a new door opening.  

the difficulty and emotional path that we were adventuring down would end as we walked through the door back home.  a home that the 6 of us get to share as long as the Lord allows. 

over the last few years my mom has also sent me vintage keys.  some i will keep because i love them too much, but others are now re-purposed.  they have a mission.  they are going to give hope to those that are able to get them.  they are meant for you.  to keep.  to give.  to love.

the funds will go towards the adoption of our sweet boys in congo.  the boys we long to hold.  long to kiss.  and long to hear their giggles.  so by purchasing these, you are GIVING (remember the definition) us hope for bringing our sweet babies home.  completing our family. 

so here is how you can get them.

select you style.  there are 3.
small skeleton key {about 1 1/4 to 1 1/2 inches: 4 letters
large skeleton key{about 2+ inches}: 6 letters
vintage standard key: 8 letters

the small vintage key is strung on a 30 inch chain.  finishing the chain with a toggle clasp and strung on the back is a turquoise stone.  adding a little bit of color.  each comes in a drawstring bag with 12 stitches on it... each representing a year that i prayed for Todd's (my husband) heart to change towards adopting.  beginning our beautiful journey.

stamp an encouraging word.

3 sizes to choose from

comes in a beautiful bag... with meaning.
please feel free to share this link as we deeply want to bring our boys home.  every small amount brings us that much closer.

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