prepare your field.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

a very sweet friend, who has been faithful to pray for our boys & our adoption process & all of us for that matter sent me this little message this morning.
"as a farmer waits for rain, he must still prepare the field out of faith. prepare your "field." the boys need rooms to come home to. once the papers are signed, it might all happen very quickly."

it was such an encouragement... i almost began to weep.  okay okay... i know that isn't very hard for me to accomplish, but it caused such a stir in my soul, i could barely contain myself.  in three sentences she said so much to me.  the beauty of the words spilled out into my heart, settling in and giving me refreshed hope.

things seem dry right now.  no word about our adoption.  but in faith we need to continue to prepare.  to emotionally get ready.  to spiritually get ready.  & to physically get ready.  i started setting up the boys rooms.  not very much, but just a little.

the night before last, i got up every hour and prayed.  throughout yesterday i prayed.  every hour.  on the hour.  pray specifically for the judge.  prayed for what he would do throughout the day.  prayed for the time he spent with his family.  prayed for the time he spent working.  prayed for the time he spent relaxing.  prayed that things would draw to mind that there were papers that needed to be signed off on.

today brought a little bit of heart ache.  i thought for sure we would find out something.  not simply because i begged God, but because today marks 3 months.  3 long months.  3 months of waiting.  3 months of praying.  3 months of checking emails.

thank you all who have prayed for us.  please continue to pray.  the waiting is getting long.  it is getting harder and harder.  my heart hurts.  my head hurts.  we are all hurting.  ash & jt too.  please pray we continue to wait well.  pray the judge signs our paper.  pray someone places it right in front of him. 

pray that it rains.

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