Monday, August 6, 2012

a beautiful and sweet friend of mine, kat, recently posted a quote she has hanging above her door on instagram.  the words continually flooded my mind over and over again.  they so greatly affected these last two weeks of my life i am not sure what to do with it.  well not sure until now.  when life seems down i either clean or do some sort of artsy thing.  in this case it was an artsy thing.  here is the quote:

"gratitude turns what we have into enough."

it's that simply.  being grateful for what we have.  in the very moment we are in.  despite the very circumstances of our lives.  

i struggle deeply with being satisfied with what i have.  i want my house to be "finished" & look amazing.  to have amazing thing surrounding me.  i want the wardrobe of my dreams.  everything in its place.  you see, i grew up in a house where i never wanted for a single thing in my life.  i never waited for a single thing.  i lived in a house my friends called disneyland.  complete with everything i could ever want.  i knew that i was fortunate.  i was definitely thankful.  and i also knew that it was not normal to be given too, the way i was given things.  when i married a pastor, my dad actually sat me down and explained to me how the things i have become accustomed too were going to change, challenging me to really evaluate what was going to be different when it comes to my wants because he didn't want me to be blindsided, he wanted to prepare me for change.  i evaluated, but i had no idea of the ramifications of not being "well off".  as we approach our 12 year anniversary, i have come to grips with the idea of not having all my wants met (at times it seems like those lessons were long).  i know what it means to desire "things".  but i now know what is truly important in life.  yes... i still desire nice things.  i still want for things that i may never get.  however... God has been deeply dealing with those things in my life.  it has been internally driven, towards an outward change.

i'm thankful.  i am deeply grateful.  
& i genuinely have everything i NEED my life.  i may not have the same things i had growing up, even through there are times i deeply long for them, but i have the things that are important.  i am learning that it's okay to go without.  i know that stuff is simply stuff (as todd puts is: its all gonna burn anyway).  i realize that i do not need my closet to be packed solid with clothes.  i don't need the newest things.  the things i need cannot bought.
{it took me a long while to see that}

i have four beautiful kids.
a husband who is pretty amazing.
more love than i can understand.
great friends.
the necessities of life.
i am {blessed} beyond my understand.
 the love of my Savior.
a peace i cannot explain.
& a hope no one can take away from me.
the simplest way to put it.
i'm {blessed}.

so here the picture hangs.
right next to our front door.
i want it to remind each of us that we are fortunate. 
and in that... we need to be grateful. 
because our gratefulness will cause us to enjoy where God has placed us.
our gratitude will erase the little things, allowing us to focus on the amazing.
turning our negativeness into praise.
reminding us we have enough.
we have each other.
we have a God who deeply loves each of us.
making us blessed beyond our comprehension.




  1. Ahhh...thank you for sharing your story of "enough". Something we can all learn from. What an amazing example you are for everyone whose life is touched by yours. I know that I will be a better person for having known you, and I pray that you are forever in my midst "Sunshine". You are so right, we will never have everything we want until we reach heaven, but until then we can be content with "enough". Love you!

    1. thanks mama. it's been a rough journey of learning.


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