around my heart.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

i carry something special around my neck.
close to my heart.
it's not very big.
it is actually quite small.
but i deeply treasure this sweetness.
for a lot of reasons.

you see, it is a representation of a love that cannot be described.  a love that knocks over barriers.  runs at full speed, never slowing down.  a love that can break your heart & can mend it all in the same moment.  a love that is not distinguished.  not a love of passion, but rather a love of compassion.  hope.  dreams.  a love that will never end.  a love of tears & frustration.  a love that never looks back.  a love that aches.  deep down in your soul.  deep within your heart.

it's the love of a mom.

these last few months have held something so special with my sweet kiddos here at home & my longing for my boys in Congo.  i have deeply cherished these months of simply enjoying ash & jt.  but we all agree our family is just not complete.  we are in this weird limbo.  all of us wanting "our boys" (as ash calls them) to be home here with us.  doing life with us.  loving with us.  laughing with us.  you see, to the person walking down the street, it would appear that i only have 2 kids.  but little do they know, there are 2 more boys i call mine.  2 boys i want to hug.  2 boys i deeply love.  2 boys i cry over.  2 boys who need me less than i need them.  it all has made me a better mom.  a better Christ follower.  a more sensitive person (meaning more tears if that is possible).

so in the "limbo" moments... i wear a necklace. 
with 4 initials.
 "a" "j" "t" "l".
four people who i adore.
four people who capture me.
four people who have changed me.
each in their own unique way.
each for the better.
here in my waiting... i will do my best to rejoice.
trusting that Jesus has our best.

this beautiful necklace was completed by a dear friend. (lisa leonard)  i had bought the initials "a" & "j".  when i told her i needed to add some letters... she just sent me my "t" & "l".  thanks lisa.  you're friendship continues to be a huge blessing in my life.  thank you for completely changing the meaning of a necklace.  its ironic that a necklace can hold so much symbolism... but it genuinely does to me.  love you tons.


  1. Summer,

    I tear up every time I read your blog about your boys and your growing family. God is doing big things in your family. I am blessed that you are willing to share this adventure with us. Thank you for letting be a part of this with you guys.

    Love you guys much!


    1. love you too my dear. glad you can be apart of our journey.

  2. love you too sweet friend. xxxx

  3. uh, that comment was from me {lisa} xx


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