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Monday, June 11, 2012

our agency A LOVE BEYOND BORDERS is starting a transition home in order to help out our children in the DRC (democratic republic of the congo), providing them with a home before they come home.  it will house those sweet babies from orphanages that are far from kinshasa who are awaiting their parents arrival.  the transition home will aid in so many different areas, but one of the greatest things it does is deeper care for the sweet babies.  when we go to DRC (please Lord Jesus sooner than later), we plan on filling suit cases full of clothes (new & gently used), toys (sturdy), blankets (new), and anything else we can think of that will help this amazing facility & awesome organization aid in the care of the children of ALBB.

we would love some help.  in any way that you can.
just let us know.
ash & i have made a fun game out it. 
jt even got into it a few days ago.
each time we go to target, we look on the sale racks.
we have a goal.
each time we go it's different.
usually a $1 or $2.
{todd says it's good practice for me.
you know.
having 4 kids now.
bargain shopping is now my game.}
we went to walmart.
same deal as target.
second hand stores too.
here we are little more picky.
we want to make sure they are nice.
shoes are needed.  flip flops style-ish.

this basket is now overflowing.


{kelly} (a wonderful person in our agency) is traveling to set this transition home up this week.
{stephanie} (another wonderful person) will be following this next week to the congo.
*** both of these women are mom's themselves & are leaving their families for 2-3 weeks to help us with ours.  i couldn't love these two woman any more if i tried.  such hearts for our children, God's children.  pray for their safety, discernment, success, and everything else.******

our case would be heard in court!

our boys... titus & levi (health, joy, safety, love).


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