my {office}/ craft area.

Monday, June 18, 2012

completely re-arranging. 
moving rooms.
making room.
creating new spaces.

the newest space is my office/ craft area.
my craft area will now be our at home gym.
our at home gym will soon be sweet ash's room.
ash's room will soon be levi's room.
you get the picture. 
things are moving in our home.

i couldn't find a white desk i loved.
well one i could afford.
let's be honest.
i found one, but i could not justify the cost.
so i made on.
just a few planks of wood.
some saw horses.
white paint. grey paint.
the legs of the desk are grey.
{ash's choice}.
i wanted it too look a little rustic.
to fit with the rest of the house.
it does.
i love it.

the beloved desk

they inspire me. my grandparents.
 the picture above is such an inspiration to me.  it is of my grandad & grandmom catalde.  they were married for over 50 years when my grandad passed away.  they loved each other so much.
my paint is stored in here.  i love this box!

my favorite wooden basket.

seriously love this.

the ruler was my grandad's & pin cushion was my grandmom's.

water colors.

my california sand from a beach my dad always took me.

my wall that is growing with pictures.
 katie daisy.  oh how i love her artwork.  i have 3 pieces from her wanderlust collection.  one for each state we have lived in.
my favorite vintage print.

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  1. What a sweet and inspirational space! Great job on the desk. And I love how you've got pictures of the states you've lived in... what a fun idea. :)


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