love in a gallon baggie.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

how do you fit love in a gallon sized baggie?
love is a gift, but not an object.
so how can you send someone love in a bag?
from many miles away.
someone who does not know you.
someone you really do not know.
yet someone you deeply care for.
someone you would give anything to hug.
someone you deeply cherish.
someone you dream about.
someone you hope for.
someone you pray is okay.
someone you call 'son'.
how do you fit love in a gallon sized baggie?

seriously.  how can you fit even a little bit of love into a gallon sized bag.  in all honesty.  you can't.  you cannot fit all the love, hopes and dreams you have for you kids into a bag because as a parent, you would give your kids the world if you could & really how in the heck am i supposed to fit the entire world into a gallon sized baggie?  let's face it, you just can't do it... but it was not for lack of trying.

those baggies filled up so fast & so quickly.  no room left for anything, except as much prayer as i could humanly manage to bathe over it.  the baggies sat on our kitchen counter for a few days as we figured and re-figured just how to fill them.  at one point i noticed there was some extra room, which meant i could buy something else.  our boys are 3 & 4 (almost 5).  sweet boys who have not had 'stuff' in the past, now have things.  brand new things that are theirs alone.

each boy got a new outfit, a little snack, cars (from jt), a coloring book & crayons (from ash), a stuffed animal, and our first family of 6 picture (inscribed on the back declaring our love for them in french... thank you google translator).  our boys received a tiny glimpse of our love in these packages, but their is not a baggie big enough to declare our true love for them... because that is a love that we can only show to them.  here is what i managed to fit into a baggie:

love in a gallon sized baggie

each package has a printed out description

jt & ash proudly mailing the box.

as we mailed off the box to our agency in denver, jt was so excited to think his brothers would soon have things that he picked out.  ash squealed with excitement so loud that it caused the lady at the counter to ask her about what was in the box.  to her delight she talked about her brothers in africa.  thankfully the postal worker was just as excited to listen as ash was to share her stories of titus & levi.  all i could think of was... were they going to like what we sent them?  were they going to understand our joy for them.  were they going to see our picture and get excited for the family that was waiting for them. 

to my son's who i have only kissed & hugged in my heart, i cannot wait for you to get your get a gallon sized bag from us each a month.  thank you for capturing my heart by your sweet smiles.  now to starting thinking about the next baggie.


  1. Summer, you have a way with words... I'm sitting in my office with tears streaming down my face. I'm so so so happy and excited for you and your family. Thank you for inviting me to share in this special journey through your blog. xoxo Erin

  2. Love you Summer! So excited for this journey for you all. praying for your family.. all six of you! Thank you for sharing so much of your heart and life with us.


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