marks the spot.

Monday, May 21, 2012

marks the spot.

last week i was walking through jcrew (a definite favorite) & i saw a shirt that had a pirate map on the front.  it was adorable... as all things jcrew happen to be.
staring at the front of the shirt with its fun and funky treasure map on the front i noticed a faint outline of an X on the back.
flipping the shirt over there was a giant red X & the words 'marks the spot'.
right there in the middle of jcrew... i cried.
trying to get the attention of my friend kara... i sobbed.
i wanted those shirts for all three of my boys.
one boy i already knew & deeply loved.
and 2 for the
two boys i had yet to meet, 
but loved them in the deepest part of my heart.
but no referral meant no buying the shirts.

the X marks the spot meant so much to me.
it meant that those boys were mine.
they were my treasure.
they were my destination.
my goal.
the end of a journey.
journey satisfied with the beautiful of precious boys.
the reward of love.
the daunting tiring task.
it meant that all the hard was behind me.
i had made it to the end mark. 
the X.
 last night we saw our boys faces. we saw that they are biological brothers. 
 one will be 5 on july 3rd...the day before my dad's birthday.  
the other turned 3 on march 2nd.  they are sweet.  they are beautiful.  they are perfect.
they are ours.

we all opened up our referrals together.  jt jumped up and down.  dancing in the kitchen.  todd & i cried.  and ash melted when she saw her brothers cute faces.  
needless to say.  
we are in love with our boys. 
all of us.

we framed pictures.
talked to family.
texted friends.
shared our happiness.

please pray for our boys.
pray for their health.
pray for their hearts.
pray that we would bond even apart from each other.
pray that they are hugged.
pray that they are loved.
pray that they are excited to see us.
we just cannot wait for them to be home.
to share pictures publicly.
to share their birth names.
to tell you the names we will give them.
we just want them home.


  1. Amazing. Praying for you all!

    1. thanks for praying tami. we definitely need it. our adventure has just started and we can hardly wait to get there. no shock of course. soon we will be a complete family under one roof.

  2. What a sweet story. I can just feel your excitement popping of the page. So glad God put it in your heart to give these boys a family. :)

    1. oh linda... we are so excited. we can hardly stand it. we just sit there. looking at their faces. praising God He chose us to be their parents. pray for their hearts. that if they don't know Jesus already, that one day they will learn to trust and love him completely.

  3. Continued hugs and prayers, Summer. God knew with which family to place them so that they would not only hear the Gospel, but see it lived out.

    1. thanks gloria. we deeply believe that our wait, while not always done patiently, was God's specific purpose for our family. these sweet boys were not even in the orphanage when we were looking to get our referral. glad it is not our timing but rather what God would have for us... otherwise these sweet boys would not be ours. we cannot wait to love on them. thanks for praying for us.


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