Sunday, May 27, 2012

inside our souls lies the deepest emotions.
the abilities we know we have.
abilities we are afraid for others to see.

inside our souls is the truth about us.
a truth no one can ever understand.
no one but us & God.

inside our souls we cause ourselves to think.
think deeper.
deep enough to cause growth.

inside our souls is fear.
a fear so real that it can destroy.
or fear that it can push us towards a positive reality.

inside our souls holds our dreams.
where our hearts lie.
a place that one day...

can become a reality.

why do we not give others that option.  the option to understand us.  the option to take a small glimpse inside our heart of hearts.  inside the beauty that is deep within.  more often than not, amongst the ugly that can lurk, is beauty.  beauty that comes from the ashes of hurt.  beauty made up of the dust that clouds our lives.  beauty that makes us individuals.  why don't we allow others to see those things.  the beauty of our abilities.  the truth that God sees.  the thoughts of our innermost sanctuary.  the fear that drives us to be great.  the dreams that we one day hope to achieve.

beauty made up of ashes & dust.
beauty that is in all of us.
beauty that is simply life.

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