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Thursday, May 31, 2012

here is our first family of 6 photo.
there will be many more.
but this is our first.
it is the first picture our boys will get of us.
the real us.
jt's silly smile.
ash's proud grin.
my frantic... i just sat through a church service with two kids who were antsy... look.
todd always looks the same in every photo. {jerk}.

our first family photo.
i stare at their pictures all the time.
i pray for them.
each of them.
i pray for what they do each day.
i pray that they will learn to love Jesus.
i pray they have a joyful spirit.
i pray they know we are coming.
coming as fast as we can.
coming with waiting arms.
to hug them.
hearts to love them.
hope for them.
excitement that is hardly contained.

please pray with us.
pray that God far surpasses our expectation of timing.
pray that we can get our court date quicker than expected... only because God is able to do that.
pray that our boys are healthy.
pray that they are hugged each day.
pray for the judge who has far more to do than most.
(he is the only adoption judge in a city of 2 million people... and he has other responsibilities).
pray for our lawyer in congo (he's a new dad himself).
pray for a peace within our hearts as we prepare to go... we would board a plane tomorrow if we could.  the peace comes from not going yet. 

boys... mommy & daddy are coming.

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