cupcakes to go.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

friday marked the last day of school.
no more packing lunches.
no more getting everyone out the door.
no more lonely days without kiddos.
no more carpool lines.
no more homework.
goodbye school

hello sleepy mornings.
hello trips to the lake.
hello camping.
hello pajama days.
hello running in the sprinklers.
hello days lounging in the sun.

hello summer!

as a thank-you-for-loving-my-kids-for-the past-two-months-as-they-transition-again-into-another-school gift, i made cupcakes.  not just any cupcakes.  cupcakes that tasted like coffee cupcakes, with a moose filling and a butter cream frosting... topped with homemade caramel sauce.  oh my yum.  attached to the card was a starbucks gift card.  it was a perfect way to say thank you because it allowed me to make cupcakes (which i have really loved making lately) and gave them a thank you gift to use.  oh how i loved our teachers.
oh my yum they were great.
just added some decorative tape

outside of card
packaged in a to-go box

thanks teachers.  you made the end of their year amazing.

now i am going to go make strawberry lemonade cupcakes.
no really i am.
they are delicious.
i always send them off to work with todd.
and save a few for the kids.
i never eat them.
i only eat the frosting.

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