can i break your heart?

Thursday, May 24, 2012

can i break your heart?
just for a moment.
the happy kind of broken.
the kind that makes you smile on the inside.
i promise at the end you'll be smiling.

this is a little insight into the heart of a sweet girl.  a girl who's heart is bigger than her mind.  for now it's larger than her abilities.  she does not quite understand just how big it is... not yet anyway.

at night, she lays beneath the warmth of her comforter and reads.  not simple reading.  reading that causes you to think beyond yourself.  think past the safe walls of home.  beyond the warmth of her own comforter.  she reads kisses from katie (if you haven't read the book; you should.  i am reading it for a second time it's that good).  click on the link to get a synopsis of the book if you have yet to know this journey.  like i said.  she reads.  and reads.  and reads.  more importantly... she understands.  she engulfs herself into a journey towards helping people... one child, one person at a time.

right now she is reading.  reading out loud.  you know how i know?  because she is my sweet daughter.  she cries at the right parts.  laughs at the funny parts.  and learns what it means to change the world.  trusting in God so much to move across the world in order to embrace a life that isn't comfortable.  isn't familiar.  but it is exactly where God wants.

last night, long after she fell asleep.  i walked quietly into her room.  i lifted the book off her bed as i do just about every night before i tuck her into bed.  but last night was different.  something fell out of her book.  it was the pictures of her brothers in africa and a note to them.  a note that brought my heart to rejoice and my eyes to tears.  a note that caused me to think... how in the world can a 9 year old get what it means to care for the "orphans and the widows", when there are others out there that don't understand that we are called to do anything of the sort.  how does something so simple bring me to such extreme tears.

my conclusion... God has big plans for this sweet girl.  big plans.  in all honesty.  i cannot wait to see him use her life.
ash serving at a friends adoption fundraiser

her precious book

her letter written to her brothers... using their birth names.  i didn't even mind the misspellings.

while she baffles me with her heart.
she encourages me even more.
she makes me want to understand the heart she has even greater.
she makes me love her more when i didn't think it was even possible.

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  1. This is the first post I've read since I went off FB for Lenten season. I didn't read FB and I didn't even go to blogs. I still hardly do those now, but I saw your little headline and had to come. The bracelets I bought from Ash (one actually broke - got it caught on something, but the other is still on and I never take it off) will now mean more to me as it will remind me to pray for the countries who need help, but will remind me of a sweet young lady who is growing up so much. What a privilege you have to watch your daughter grow into the Godly woman she is growing up to be! What a heart of love and passion she has! You and Todd are doing a great job with your kids. love and hugs


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