sweet flowers.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

well... i found something super fun to make.
paper flowers.
i love them.
a friend of mine had bought a few @ a flee market in LA.
i of course wanted some too.
and was determined to make them cheaper than what she bought them for.

mission: make paper flowers.
out of vintage paper.
but NOT that cost $15.
so make them i did.
i love how they turned out.
i made a bunch of them.
hung them on a wall.
the wall spreads across the guest bedroom.
i just love it.

a close up paper flower

the spread of them.

straight on view of them.

a little peek.
our guest room isn't quite done.  but it is coming along splendidly.  it is the pieces leaning on top of the headboard are some of my collection of sid dickens that my mom has given me over the years, they are going to be hung above the bed.  just haven't gotten to it just yet.
a lot of other crazy stuff going on.

there mom.
finally sending some pictures.


  1. Your guest bedroom looks warm and inviting! :)

    1. thanks linda. we had our very first guest in our new guest room. they were on their way back from a missions trip in mexico. it was so nice to give them a place to rest.


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