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Monday, April 16, 2012

we have been blessed far beyond what we can understand.
far past what we can comprehend.
we know our blessings come straight from God.

as we have shared our adventure and our journey of our adoption, we have been asked from people how they might be able to help us, donate to our "adoption fund", in order to bring our boys home.  we are fully funded to pay our adoption agency, however, we are working through raising enough money to get to Kinshasa, DRC & back with our sweet boys.  we are not sure when we are actually going to be going to DRC, but we want to be prepared.  our dossier is ready for submission (well it will be in a few short days) & then will go to translation... then with head to the DRC (insert excitement).  once it is there, we wait.  and wait.  and wait.  for a day in court. 

we are guessing (yes guessing) that our travel expenses will roughly cost us $10,000+.
consider partnering with us.
bring our boys home.
we have faith that God is the ONE who will provide for us in our adventure that he has called us to.

we thank you for simply reading this.
we thank you for praying for our boys.
we thank you for caring for us as we adopt.

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hugs & love.

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